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 Welcome to the  
 British National Buffalo Bill Archive 
(formerly the Scottish National Buffalo Bill Archive),
 dedicated to telling the story of the visits of 
 Buffalo Billís Wild West 
 to Great Britain 

Somewhere in England... No Neck, Kicking Bear and Short Bull, 1891

(Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

This site is solemnly and respectfully dedicated to the memories of Red Shirt; Black Elk; High Bear; Two Elk; Charles Picket Pin; Kicking Bear; Short Bull; Lone Bull; Scatter; Revenge; No Neck; Plenty Wolves, a.k.a Yankton Charlie; Charging Thunder; Charging Crow; Black Heart; Calls the Name; Johnny Burke No Neck; Luther, Laura, Luther Junior & Alexandra Standing Bear; Plenty Horses, Iron Tail; William Sitting Bull; Philip Blue Shield; Sam Lone Bear; Spotted Weasel; Little Bear; and the approximately three hundred other Lakota men, women and children from Pine Ridge agency and elsewhere who are known to have sojourned in Great Britain, as our forefathersí honoured guests, while performing with Buffalo Billís Wild West.

Also to the memories of Red Penny; Surrounded by the Enemy; Paul Eagle Star; Long Wolf and Star Ghost Dog, all of whom died and were buried during their time in England.

Buffalo Billís Wild West in Great Britain