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Programme Insert, Salford, 1887-88

Black Elk

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Wales

Mexican Joe

Mexican Joe in Edinburgh

Mexican Joe - the Interview

Dates & Venues, 1891-92

Programme Insert, 1891 Tour

Glasgow, 1891-92

Buffalo Bill at Ibrox

Buffalo Bill in George Square

Glasgow, November 1891

Glasgow, December 1891

Glasgow, January 1892

Glasgow, February 1892

Glasgow, March 1892

Dennistoun Village, 2006

Miss Viola Clemmons and the White Lily Company in England & Wales, 1891 & 1892

Dates & Venues, the White Lily Company

Hostiles? - The Lakota Ghost Dance and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West by Sam A. Maddra

Congress of Rough Riders of the World

Dates & Venues, 1902-03

Official Programme, 1903

Luther Standing Bear

Dates & Venues, 1904

Official Programme, 1904

Chief Iron Tail

Scottish Venues, 1904

1904 Scottish Venues Today

Northern Scot, 27 August 1904

John Watt’s Heroes CD

Montana Bill

Frank T. Hopkins

‘Chief’ Red Fox

‘Colonel’ Samuel Franklin Cody

Buff Bill

Kronprinzessen Cecilie, 1913

Buffalo Bill’s British Wild West by Alan Gallop

‘Your Fathers the Ghosts’ – Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland

English Westerners’ Society Brand Books

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The Diamond’s Ace - Scotland and the Native Americans

English Westerners’ Society / Custer Association of Great Britain

‘Sioux Ghost Dance’ at Library of Congress

Mexican Joe and East End Exhibition Buildings, Glasgow, @ ArthurLloyd.co.uk

Film footage of Colonel W. F. Cody in Rhyl, 27 May 1903

Library of Congress

Western History and Genealogy Collection, Denver Public Library

The British Newspaper Archive

New York Times

The Stage

Georgian ‘Cossacks’

International Cody Family Association

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Great Britain