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 Buffalo Bill in George Square 

This article is transcribed from the Lorgnette column of the Glasgow Evening News, Wednesday, 11th November 1891:

  Here is rather a good story and one worthy of a paragraph in “Lorgnette” (writes a correspondent). I was making my usual purchase last night of a halfpenny worth of “News” from an old lady who supplies evening papers to the lieges at a corner of George Square. A smart little girl, with bare feet and not over well “put on,” was assisting her in her usual calling, when a distinguished looking gentleman, with a somewhat outré appearance, came forward, and after investing in a variety of papers, began to take notice of the juvenile newsagent. Pointing to her shoeless feet, which evidently attracted his attention on the cold night, he asked the old woman what it would cost to get a pair of shoes for the child, and then handed her the amount she named. He paid for his papers, gave the old lady a sixpence for herself, handed a silver coin to another poor body in the neighbourhood, and then went off with a smile on his face, that showed he felt pleased at being able thus unostentatiously to do a kindly action. On inquiring who the gentleman was, the old woman replied - “Sure that’s Buffalo Bill, an’ he has bought his papers from me the last two nights. God bless him.”

Glasgow, 1891-92

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland